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To list your lost or found pet on our website, please email us a picture and a brief description and contact information to

Please include the location of where the pet was last seen.

Found Thursday 7/14 at Brown Bridge Quiet Area, Traverse City, parking lot (by the new walking bridge where the dam used to be). 11 lb. RECENTLY NEUTERED MALE cat. Grey on grey tabby. No microchip. Normal, intact claws. Very clean-no evidence of fleas, ticks or worms. Young-Under 3 years old. (Learned these details after a vet appointment checking for a microchip.) VERY friendly…a lover. Likes his tummy rubbed. Can be a bit vocal. Often content and relaxed. Loves to snuggle. Probably recently lost is my guess. Let’s find this sweet boy’s home. Share, please.

Breed: Chow Chow 

Color: black

Age: 3

Weight: 45-50#


We live in the holiday hills area and he was last seen in the neighborhood over. He is skittish to people he doesn’t know. He is small for chow chow and he has a bald spot on his tail. He has a teal collar on with a airtag attached. The air tag doesn’t seem to be giving us an accurate signal. 


My number is 2316315786

My partner Amy, 5174027880 



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