IDA is a Northern Michigan native born and raised in Traverse City! Music is a HUGE part of her life! She plays multiple instruments and is a songwriter and lyricist. IDA has worked in all aspects of recording, production and engineering in studio and live sound for over 25 years. It's not hard to see she is at home on the stage being a DJ and performing live music! 

Ida has an immense love for the community and has helped a multitude of nonprofits and families to raise awareness and aid for their causes.

KLT has been the soundtrack to her life since its inception. She got her start in radio as the Associate Producer for the Omelette & Friends Show before she landed her own show Midnight Mayhem and then finding her place weekday evenings and as the Music Director on The Rock Station KLT! 

IDA Weekday Evenings 7pm - 12am 

Sunday night 10pm - 12am - UNCHAINED 


ida - evenings 7pm - midnight