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dean berry, 2pm-6pm weekdays


     Welcome to the compelling and wholesome world of Dean Berry ....c'mon, does anyone read these bio's?  Mangement said 'write one anyway,' and I figured why not.....I could probably produce something as quickly and with little effort as my daily broadcast. 

     Following 5-years in the US Navy, as an air-traffic controller I found out I liked talking on the radio....moving around planes in the sky....not so much.  So being a fan of rock and roll and unable to master an instrument, radio became a better alternative. 

     So that's what I've been doing since the early 80's.  It's a great gig and I'm honored to do it. 

     Outside of radio, it's pretty much anything rock and roll and a lust for life.  Thanks to Terri Ray & Midwestern Broadcasting I no longer have to list my occupation as 'crazed loner.' 

     Proud to be part of THE rock station...KLT.....and thanks for letting me rock your radio.

dean berry's features:

the work release!

Tune in weekday afternoons at 5 forKLT’s Work Release program with Dean Berry. It’s your chance to call in requests for your drive home. Just dial 231-941-wklt (9558)

klt work release.jpg

Smash or Trash!

Every Thursday at 6:20pm, Dean Berry plays a newer song from one of KLT’s core artists and asks listeners if it’s a “Smash Hit” or if we should “Trash It”. Dean takes callers who give us their vote with the 5th (and last) caller being the final vote.


That caller will also WIN a $20 gift card to CHATEAU AT BLACK MOUNTAIN!



Each weekday at 4pm Dean Berry gives you a chance to win an awesome prize! He'll run down the top stories of the day, including a fake story.  If you can spot the fake one, you can win! 

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