SideShow's Bit Corner

A collection of some of the parody songs and original comedy bits on the morning show!

2014 St. Patricks Day P1 Battle of the Bits

Congratulations to Heather Brantley!
Two time winner of the Listener BOTB's!

Check out the other submissions below!

Caveman Craig


Dave Kaipio

Manuel Tipton


Ron Akers

The Listeners Thanksgiving Parodies!

Congratulations to Heather Brantley!
The Winner Of The First Ever Listener BOTB's

Check out all the submissions below!

Dave Kaipio

Don Swan

Joe The Cable Guy

Grandma Perogie


Manuel Tipton



Dan Reed

Ida Reed

Stephanie Roessler

Brendin Straubel

Marcia Simmons & Tim Kluck

Ron Akers

Realtor Mike



The Slackers

Taylor Kroush

More Original Bits From The Morning!
SideShow's Fluffer on Vacation Song

SideShow's Fluffergrams Song

2013 Year In Review

What Does Omelette Say?

Racin' Jacin Halloween 2013

California Girl's Halloween 2013

Omelette's Halloween 2013

Fluffer's Halloween 2013

SideShow's Halloween 2013

Goodbye Leyland

Gimme Back Those Boobies

Detroit Tigers Rock City

The KLT Robot Raps


SideShow's CherryFest Parody
SideShow's End Of CherryFest

Fluffer's I Wanna Go Fluffing

SideShow's Ice Ice Safety

Ida Reed & SideShow's Duet

Omelette & Jill's Duet

Omelette's Free Loading

Fluffer's Gun Parody

Cali Girl's Pet Post

SideShow's Pet Post 2012

SideShow's Pet Post 2011

Double T's Pet Post

Omelette's Pet Post 2011

Jim Smith's Kamp Omelette 2013

Fluffer's Kamp Omelette 2013

Omelette's Kamp Omelette 2013

Omelette's Kamp Omelette 2012

SideShow's Kamp Omelette 2011

SideShow's Kamp Omelette 2012

SideShow's Kamp Omelette 2013

SideShow's Writers Of The Porn

Cali Girls News Song

Jim Smith Hates Christmas

Omelette's Christmas BOTB

SideShow's Halloween 2011

Ida Reed's Halloween

Jim Smith's Halloween

SideShow's Halloween 2012

Omelette's Thanksgiving

Omelette's St. Patricks Day

SideShow's Easter Song

Omelette's Back 2 School

SideShow's Back 2 School

Ida Reed Lovin', Fluffin', Squeezin'

SideShow's Party Song

Adventure's With Smart Phones

SideShow's Windy's Gotta Go Away

SideShow's Trimmers Alive

SideShow's Poop In The Water

SideShow's Uncomortably Hot

SideShow's Swan Song

The Redneck GPS

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