KLT My Tunes
Here's your chance to not only program KLT but also play disc jockey! 

During the month of February anyone who is featured on KLT’s My Tunes will win one of the new KLT Pint Glasses featuring Terri Ray’s 30th Anniversary or Omelette & Friends!

Just enter your ten favorite songs in the spaces below this weekend's My Tunes list and hit enter.  Then we'll select song sets from six lucky listeners to feature during next weekend. Check back every Thursday afternoon to see if your set will be played and when! 
My Tunes July 26th & 27th, 2014
Saturday, July 26th
12N- John Bennet
4PM- Kate Geraci  
8PM – Keeta Beaubien
Sunday, July 27th
12N – Nancy Chambers
3PM – Stephanie Roessler
6PM – Tina Dalasinski
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