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To list your lost or found pet on our website, please send us a picture and a brief description of the of the pet to  

Lost Dogs 12/14

Our two boys took off in the morning on 12/14/14 from the Interlochen-Grawn area. Sampson is brindle colored & Harley is tan. Please call if you see them. (231)327-6384 or (231)640-4793. They are friendly. Thank you!

Lost Dog 12/12

Found- Male dog, near Summit City Road, North of M-113 in Kingsley. Please contact with any information.

Lost Dogs 12/8

I have a black lab and a Brittany Spaniel missing from the Lake City area. Anyone with info can call (231)-510-5150 or (231)-920-2541.

Lost Dog 11/27

Lost golden retriever. Lost on Friday, November 21. Female and very friendly. Lost in mackinaw City. If found please contact 231-340-1330. Was seen in the area as of Sunday.
FOUND DOG! Young male (I), Lab mix, no collar or chip. Found on Robinson Rd., near State Rd., Harbor Springs. 231-348-5550. Emmet County Stray Center
Found Dog: Older female beagle found in pellston on 11/15 call 231 881 4814 if she is yours.

Lost Dog 11/25

Lost male German Shepherd. Very large. I'm 5'6 and his head stands at my rib/breast area. Very friendly. Name is Cooper. Last seen in Munro Lake area 3 days ago. No pic. Please contact (231)-818-2035 if you have seen him or have found him. Thank you for any help.
LOST! tiny chiuauh from Silver Lake Road area in Grawn - - he is tan with white on his chest. please call 231-342-2817 - his name is Diotee
Simba lost around Interlochen, MI on Thursday 23rd  Male tan pit mix 50lbs neutered 4 years old. Call Kara 231-492-7615 Dan Pohlman
Office: (231) 276-7776
Cell: (231) 313-5088
Fax: (231) 276-7702
Lost dog - Doberman/Husky puppy mix - one brown and blue ye - lost by Meijer in Petoskey...if found please call Rebebecca 231-373-8344

Missing Cat 11/17

Watsky is greay with light stripes. He went outside morning the morning of 11/17 in Boyne City and hasn't returned. He is not fixed and has a collar but no tag, and no chip. He is less than six months old so he's still a kitten. Please call (231)-373-6899 with any information.
This kitty is cold and misses her family! Found on Barlow, close to South Airport.
If it's yours please contact 231-947-1707 between 8-5.

Found on Blodgett near Jennings Road - Missaukee Co.
Dog is currently at the shelter Does anyone know where she may belong??  We need to find out if she has a home with puppies or if she has puppies somewhere that we need to find and SOON! ...ANY information please call the shelter directly or message us here on Facebook!  231-839-3800 We are open until 7pm tonight!
Missaukee Humane Society
5310 West Houghton Lake Road
Box D
Lake City, Michigan 49651
231-839-3800 ext 3
231-839-0254 Fax
Lost dog! He is a white Boxer named Chance - he is wearing a blue collar without tags. He was last seen on Red Maple Drive in Cadillac - if spotted please call 231-878-2271 or 231-878-0033
This dog is a new home! I moved into a small apartment in traverse city that has a no, pet policy. I hate to have to give her up, but Its a no pet policy. She is 11 and Assn American bulldog mix. Please call 2313924602
Found - a very young mostly black kitten on Ray Road & M 113 in Kingsley. The fellow who found the kitten wants to find someone to take it...he is not a cat person. 231-640-0187
Lost male Brindle Pit Bull in Cadillac. His name is Reese. He has been missing since Halloween. If spotted please call 231-258-5502
Found in the Peninsula Drive /Wilson Road neighborhood.
Amy 463-6734
LOST DOG! My dog, Pachino, was lost from the Boyne City area on 11/09/14.  He's an 11 year old, 55 lb hound mix, wearing a brown and orange collar with tags.  Very timid but friendly.  HE HAS SEIZURES AND NEEDS MEDICATION!!  If seen or found, please call me at 586-873-2234 or 231-582-2278. Thank you so much, we're so very worried about him. 
FOUND DOG! Merritt, MI area / Beeler Road / Missaukee County
Female Fox Hound / Beagle Mix - with no collar or microchip
Currently at Missaukee Humane Society
If not claimed, she will be available for adoption after November 13th.
Kyle Musselman
Shelter Manager
Missaukee Humane Society
5310 West Houghton Lake Road
Box D
Lake City, Michigan 49651
231-839-3800 ext 3
231-839-0254 Fax
LOST DOG - If anyone sees my dog tank in the maple city/cedar area, please call me. (231)463-7486. His name is Tank and is very friendly, he is a lab walker hound. He went missing on the night of November 5th, chasing after something into the woods. 
LOST DOG! Has anyone seen this beautiful big boy named Jack? He has been gone 5 nights now, and we miss him terribly! He took off from Rushton Rd., between Central Lake and Ellsworth last Saturday. If spotted, please call (231) 620-0809.

Found Cat 11/5

I have this big guy in my custody at present, he is not chipped.  He was found on S. Broadway in the village of Suttons Bay.  I can be reached at 231-360-0303, texting me is best.

Lost Dog 11/5

Our beloved dog Jack has been missing since Nov 1. He took off from Rushton Rd., between Central Lake and Ellsworth. He was spotted Nov. 4 in downtown Central Lake. He is a large black dog with tan/orange markingsand weighs over 100 lbs. He is wearing a black collar and has tags.He is very loved and very missed. If spotted or captured, please call (231) 620-0809 or (231) 357-3269. Thank you!!

Lost Dogs 11/1

Two lost male dogs , one black & one white, have been missing since yesterday. Lost just off of Twin Lake Road in Mancelona. If you have seen them or have any information please call or text (231)-384-1210.

Found Dog 10/30

Found black lab on Ranch Rudolf Road. Please call 231.947.9529 and leave a message with any information.

Missing Cat 10/30

This very friendly, loving cat, Boo-Boo, has gone missing. He is lives in the Long Lake Township park area. He was last seen by neighbors, caring for him, sometime between Friday night and Sunday, 10/24-10/26. We returned from our Sons Gradution on Monday, and he has not come around since. He loves people and was always the first cat to greet us when we come home. I am concerned about him getting closed in someplace. As soon as a door is open, he jumps in; truck bed, shed, camper, car, house, just about anything. Boo-Boo will come right up to you and stand on his back legs for you to pet him. So you will know if he has found you. I have no idea of his age, he found us a bit over a year ago, and he was very ill and not neutered. He is healthy and neutered now. His right ear is bent. Boo-Boo loves to be picked up and carried. Please check around for him and let me know if you have seen him, we miss him very much and are very worried. Please call Cheryl at 231-632-8324 with any information.

Missing Cat

Her name is Tiger and she is a female calico cat. She has been missing for close to two weeks now from Pellston, MI in Emmett County. She is about seven years old and is spayed as well. If you have any information please text at (231)-838-2986 or email at Thank you!

Dog Looking for new Home

We recently got a dog, approximately 6-7 months old.  He is a shepard beagle mix.  He has recently been to the vet for an exam and come out great.  He is 34.9 pounds, has received his shots, been dewormed and has his rabies tag.  He is a very friendly, playful and loveable dog.  Great with kids, people and other dogs.  Unsure about cats, as we do not have one.  We do not know much about the history of Maxwell (Max).  Unfortunately, he is not adjusting to apartment life, and we need to find a new home for him.  He comes with all the vet paperwork, some toys, leash and food.  He must go to a good home with where he has room to run and play.  He listens very well.  On command will sit, walk along side you on a leash and love to play ball.   He is a very smart dog and catches on very quick.  I am asking and begging you to please help us find a good new home for our precious Max. Please contact Tammy for further informatio at 231-218-5450.

Dog Looking for a New Home

Charlie needs a home.  He is a 10 year old Healer/Border Collie mix.  He’s fine to stay in the house, kennel or free outside when you’re away. His only fault is he won’t ride in a vehicle without barking.  His owners are retired and traveling so this doesn’t work for them. I’m caring for him until they can find him a home.  As a stay at home dog he is wonderful.  Great with other pets and kids – even our 2 year old. He is truly a great dog.  If you know of anyone who wants companionship, he would be perfect.   If you are interested, please call Jackie at  231-342-4564.
This dog is lost in the Mancelona area - if you have seen her please call 231-676-2277
she is wearing a pink color - her name is Daisy

Found Dog 10/27

The dog is a small (35-40 lbs), female with dark brown/black fur with patches of tan & white. She seems to be a younger dog. She is a very nice dog with a small multi-color collar with no tags. She was found near Lake of the Woods Road between Alden & Mancelona. Call 231-633-3672 with any information.
FOUND DOG! This lil girl wandered into Goodwill’s donation door.  J  Her tag says her name is Alice  You can call  at 231-995-7720

Lost Dog 10/21

Brown and white female Chihuahua with a pink collar named Bear.  She was last seen near Shippy Rd and West Sharon Rd around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October, 21, 2014.  Please call or text 989-763-7889

Found Dog 10/22

Golden Retreiver with gray face. Dog has no collar. US 131 and M 113 area.
Call Clyde or Denise at 231-392-6881.
LOST! My sister's puppy Ryder was lost last night Oct. 21.  She had to catch a plane this morning for California for her son's Graduation from Marine boot camp so I am trying to help her find her puppy. Lost in the North Long Lake area of Traverse City by the Fire Station. 
The puppy is about 4 months old and is a Black Lab Mix. The puppy has a microchip but doesn't have a regular tag. If found please call Cyndi at 231-499-9543.
LOST DOG! Tonight our dog did not have her collar on for the invisable fence but had a bark collar on. She is a shitz tu/poodle mix and and we live off of river road on river on river drive close to keystone. Please if you have any information let me know. My boys are beside themselves especially my 9 year old that sleeps with her every night. This is the first picture I came across of course she is not wearing the sweater and there is no snow. 231-218-3702
Hoping you can post this on your pet post page, we lost our newly adopted Chihuahua Saturday night when she was let out to go potty.
Her name is Angie, she is about 7 years old and has on a pink collar.
We live off Bingham Rd, just off of M-22 in Leelanau County.
My husband’s name is Alan Waterson and may be reached at 231-620-1080
I am Karen Waterson and may be reached at 231-499-2567 (email:

Found Dog 10-13

Found dog in Kingsley area - mostly white, with brown around his eyes, ears, and above his tail. We know from his tag that his name is Buddy and that he lives in the Kingsley trailer park...but have no phone number or address...does anyone know who this dog may belong to? 231-263-2650

Found Dog 10-10

FOUND- BRINDLE PIT IN CADILLAC AREA!  Earlier today, my next door neighbor found a really pretty, friendly, female, brindled pit mix. I do not currently have a picture, but the neighbor is willing to hold onto her for a little while, so I may be able to supply one later. We would like to find the owner, so if you guys hear about anyone that has lost a female brindle pit in the Cadillac area, please email, call or text me, and I will pass along the contact information. My email is, phone number is 989 916 9803, and you can text the same number. Texts are free for me. Thanks for your time, and all that you do to help out our pets. :) 


Please help us find our lost dog Jade. She went missing on Monday 9-29 in the Long Lake area of Traverse City. REWARD!! If you have any information please contact: Julie 231-218-3645


Please help us find Mineau. Our 14 year old lost male cat in the village of Lake Leelanau. He has been missing since Friday August 29th, 2014, He has been seen in the area. Mineau is a neutered male with dark tiger markings on his back, tail & legs (with splashes of tan) and also has a white mouth, neck, stomach & feet. Mineau is on medicine and needs to get home. If you have any information please contact: Jodi 231-256-9316



Please help us find our lost male Boxer. He was lost near East Jordan by Dutchman's Bay area. If you have any information please contact:


Found Cat.This cat was found in the Rennie Lake area by Spider Lake & Arbutus Lake. It has medium long hair and a fluffy tail not sure what sex it is.
If you have any information please contatc: Lauren


Please help us find our lost female cat Lola. She has been gone since 9/1/14 missing from the Walmart - Veterans Drive & South Airport Road area in Traverse City. Lola is approximately 10 years old. weighs around 9 to 10 lbs. She is all gray with a white spot on her chest and abdomen. She has green eyes is fixed, declawed in the fron and is not wearing a collar. If you have any information please contact: Juli or 231-645-5770


Please help us find our female cat Aphrodite. She has been missing since 9-23-14- near Pickerel Lake Road in Petoskey. She is very freindly and you can tell she has had kittens. there are 2 very sad little boys who miss their cat very much. If you have any information please contact: 231-838-9753


Found female tortiose shell colored cat that was hit by a car near Hemingway Lane near Garfield Road in Traverse City on Sunday September 21st around 7:30pm. She is injured but stable at the Clarke and Everett Dog and Cat Hospital. If you have any information please contact:
Beth 2312-947-3900  or 231-883-5233


Please help us find our lost cat. He is fat, black and white and very loving but scared near strangers. He got lost during the winter. The last places he was seen were near River Road, Howard Road and Greg Road in Petoskey.If you have any information please contact:
Brooke 231-838-8067


Found female Beagle in Buckley.  Recently spayed, shaved with scar.  Would like to reunite her with her owners. If you have any information please contact: John 231-357-1810 or 231-269-3916  


Please help us find our LOST KITTY!! Maddox has been missing from his home in Empire, MI for the past week. He lives across from the Visitors Center. He is approx. 2 years old, blue eyes, and neutered. Please call Linda at 231-645-1871 if you've seen him.


Please help us find Kiki. He is a black male cat about a year old. He is wearing a gray collar no tags. Kiki disappeared on 9/14. He was last seen by Rapid City Road and Wilhelm Road near the His and Her Storage Units in Rapid City. Reward for Kiki's safe return.
If you have any information please contact: Russell  231-709-5942


Please help us find our lost male black cat. He is two years old. He was lost in the Lakeview Hills / M-22 area in Leelanau County. If you have any information please contact: 231-218-7929


Please help us find Buddy. He is a 14 year old male orange tiger cat with a saggy belly. He has been gone since August 20th near the Lake Pointe Village / Boardman Lake area. He is very badly missed. If found please contact: Ed 231-922-9148  or


Found Female Bulldog on Orion Place off of 5 Mile Road. She is very friendly and is white with grey spots. She is not wearing a collar, is very friendly and looks as though she might have  recently had puppies. If you have any information please contact: Cindy 231-499-8891


Found male dog, white w/brown spots resembles a Chihuahua. Found on Bunker Hill Rd between Bartlett & Springbrook near Acme. I would love to reunite this dog with its owner. If you have any information please contact: Lisa 231-883-9393


Please help us find our kittie Ray. He is white with brown markings on his face and tail. Ray is not wearing any tags or a collar. He was lost near West Silverlake Road & Old English Village. His 4 year old owner misses him terribly. If you have any information please contact:
Jessie - 248-931-4393


Found female small black dog on Blair Town Hall Road near Mayfield.  We would like to reunite this dog with its owners. If you have any information please contact: Steve - 231-510-6099


2 dogs came to our home Northwest of Kalkaska. Both are thin and scared. 1 is a small white Boxer looking mix and the second dog looks like a Jack Russel, Daschund mix. Please help us find their home. If you have any information contact: Christie Bond 231-360-5891


Please help us find Cougar. He is a 4 year old brown and black Brindle Plott Hound. He weighs about 80lbs. He was lost off of C-38 just East of Mancelona. Cougar is wearing 2 orange colored collars with the owners contact information on them. One is a tracking collar that has malfunctioned. Any information would be greatly appreciated contact:
Dan Cox 231-547-8465


Please help us find Rocky. He is a 16 year old male cat. Last seen near Barnes Road and Wyatt Road. if you have any information about Rocky please contact: Gary 231-946-3016

LOST 2 DOGS 8-24

Lost 2 German Wired Haired Pointers. Both are female. Gretchen is liver with white and Heidi is black with white in color. They have been missing since Sunday 8-24 from Alba, Mi. near Alba Rd. and Harvey Rd. Both are spayed, micro chipped and are wearing black collars with riveted tags. These are well conditioned dogs that may travel far distances. They are well loved and very much missed. If you have any information please contact:David Wendt -313-399-7433


Lost 2 year old female Beagle named Dixie. She was last seen on 8/23/2014 at 11:00pm on Harrand Road in Kingsley. She was wearing a black collar, no tags, she is microchipped and has a scar on her nose.Please contact Laura if you have any information about Dixie:


LOST CAT! Kaylee has been missing since Saturday August 23rd.  She's a long haired calico, approximately 3yrs old and around 10 pounds. She is spayed and has all of her claws.  My daughters really miss their kitty, she is a typical cat and loves to be petted when she wants to be. She went missing in the area of E. Brentwood & Vance rds in Chums Corners area.  If you find her or see her please let me know at 231-714-8062 


Lost 10 year old male cat on Cleavland Road by the ice rink in Cheboygan. His name is
MR. KITTY and he has been missing for nearly a week. He is orange in color & declawed in the front. He is missed very much by his family. If you have any information please contact:
Duane - 231-290-0031     or 
Amy - 231-818-3131


I have a female pit mix that I took in when my daughter and son in law got
stationed I  Germany she is not good with my youngest daughter growls at her
a lot need to find a home or she is going to the pound! She is chipped text
or call 231 884 7940 for a picture. Thank you Dena


Max lives in Ramblewood Subdivison near M37 and Vance and always comes and goes and knows his boundaries.  He did not come home after being out the morning of Wednesday, August 13, 2014.  He is older, not wearing tags and has a lot of skin hanging under his body.  He is the sweetest little man-please watch for him and let me know if you see him.
Contact Joanne at 231-499-0234.



It is a black male dog with white on his chest, very friendly, acts like a puppy so I am guessing that he is fairly young. He was found in Cordwood Point subdivision in Cheboygan Michigan. He has on a choke chain and a camo collar. If you have any questions please contact me at 231-818-6950.


This Dog needs a good home! I don't know if you post dogs who need a new home, but I'm an intern at WKLT, so I thought I'd try anyway.   A girl I work with just took in a dog and is giving up on her.  I don't want her to end up in a shelter, so I'm trying this first.  Here's the info:
Winnie is 4, and an American Bulldog/Boxer mix.  She is very loving and affectionate.  She was never properly potty trained and needs to work on that.  After being exercised, she is very chill.  She just needs some training and space to run.  She can't be in a house with cats, and she's ok with chill dogs.
If anyone has questions they can email me here or call me (989)350-4529.  A picture is attached.  Thank you so much!



Lost mix rat terrier near chums corners Rite Aide area was let out to potty with door opened and never returned has been a great family dog and our 4 yr old son misses him very much please help us find Cocoa -Jeremy and jeanie 3708 beitner Rd. Traverse City Mi 49685 (231) 360-4252


Tucker is missing from the NMC area in Traverse City - if spotted please call 231-645-5068


Found in Karlin - call 231-714-3079


Found Dog:  Border Collie Mix, adult male (I), no collar or chip. Found on E. Bear River Rd (on the Charlevoix County Line)., Petoskey. Been hanging around for a few days. 231-348-5550


Found Dog: Yellow Lab, adult male (I), blue collar, no chip. Found on Hoyt Rd., Harbor Springs. 231-348-5550


LOST! REWARD! Doby and Rocky are still missing. If you see them, they are VERY friendly and loveable. Please call 231-590-3165 or 231-590-1543.
Missing in the So. Boardman area by Boardman River Road, the river, ball park, and cemetery.
Doby is black with tan feet & eyebrows/& under coat has a lg.white diamond on chest. Chain collar no tags
Rocky is a brindle color and a fan tail. He has a survival straps green and charcoal gray collar with tags.
We want them home! REWARD!!!
Please call 231-590-3165 or 231-590-1543.


Neutered male found at Northwoods Animal Hospital in Grawn 231-276-6361


Meeko is a fat dark brown Siamese with bright blue eyes. He was last seen near the North Gate of Lakes of the North. He is about 6 years old, neutered, declawed in the front, hates kids, not a big fan of strangers, and an all around super cool cat. Mom and Dad are very worried since he's a bit of a pussy cat when it comes to the outdoors. PLEASE HELP! My phone number is 989 350 0213, my name is Allison.


Lost just north of the intersection of US 131 and M186 in Fifelake, male, fixed, 6 years old. Was hiding in the boat I was towing, jumped out at 35 mph. Might be limping from the jump. Name is Rasp. No collar please help!
-Rebekah 231-735-3571


LOST! REWARD! Doby and Rocky are still missing. If you see them, they are VERY friendly and loveable. Please call 231-590-3165 or 231-590-1543.
Missing in the So. Boardman area by Boardman River Road, the river, ball park, and cemetery.
Doby is black with tan feet & eyebrows/& under coat has a lg.white diamond on chest. Chain collar no tags
Rocky is a brindle color and a fan tail. He has a survival straps green and charcoal gray collar with tags.
We want them home! REWARD!!!
Please call 231-590-3165 or 231-590-1543.


Lost cat. Last seen 8/6/14 Behind Meijer on franke rd. Went on vacation and door got open somehow and cats got out. One came back right away this one is still missing. About 3 years old. No collar or chip
please call 231-360-5640 or 231-882-5243 thank you


Lost male Sheltie named Brady. He is 6 years old and looks like a little Lassie dog. He went missing from the Homestead in Glen Arbor on Sunday the 3rd at about 5pm. He responds to the word "treat". He's wearing a blue and brown collar but no tags. Please call Laura at 616-560-5080


Found - 8/2  at E. Front St. and NMC    5-10 weeks old   Tourtoise shell
Contact Jan at  (231) 499-8091


Missing from the M-32 and Camp 10 area of Elmira (just West of Gaylord), since 7/30. Her name is Presley. She is a 5-year-old, spayed, 10lb, black & orange short hair Tortie. Her eyes are yellow and she has a distinctive bump on the bridge of her nose. She is shy but very friendly. She does not have a collar, she is an indoor cat. She is loved tremendously! There is a reward for her safe return! Any information, please call (231) 818-3124


LOST KITTY! Please help us find our missing cat.  His name is Garfield, he is 11 -
12 years old and is 16 pounds.  He is a very friendly large orange tabby who is new to the area.  He likes garages, patios, and patio furniture.  Please call us at 231-421-5218 if you find him.  He snuck out on the evening of the 23rd from the Silver Lake Road and London Drive area.



I was found on straight hwy in Indian river.  If you recognize me please email.


LOST Pair of Boxers: Female fawn "Bella" and male brindle "Bo" last seen at home in Alden at 8:30pm on 7/17. Please message Candy Baker on facebok at with any info. Very nice boxers and their family is missing them and very worried. Please help them get home! Thank u!!


Missing--- 'Twilight' ..... 3 yr old male cat, front declawed, last seen Sunday July 20th at the 3 Mile Road & Potter Rd area.  My girls are missing him.  Please call 231-668-8851 ask for David.


Missing cat in Cheboygan in the area of alcocks market. He's a larger cat, tiger striped and big green eyes. No collar. May come to the name oliver. Please call 231-445-2877.


Her name is Shian, but comes to Shi Shi, she ran off shortly after the fireworks in Central Lake, MI lastnight. If found please call 231-838-3954


LOST DOG! Last night 7/2/2014 around 9pm in Mancelona Mi our 7 year old female English Bull Dog Zoe went missing. She Had on a Michigan State collar with a pink name tag with Her name on it as well as an address and phone number. She is Red and White and was last seen on Limits West Rd in mancelona.She weighs about 55lbs. Any information or if found please contact Jason Thompson at 810-300-2833 Thank you


Lost late Tuesday night in Suttons Bay on Fort Rd.   black and tan female. Chihuahua. Pink rhinestone collar. No tags. Very timid. She may not come to a stranger. Jumped off my deck as she got spooked by firecrackers. Please call 218-5585.


Please help us find our missing dog Jack. He  is about 14 pounds, small, white poodle.  He is friendly and doesn’t bite.  He has been missing since Wednesday at 4PM.  His Mommy and her family are devastated by the loss.  He disappeared 1 mile North of Bingham on S Lake Leelanau.  If You have any information please call Tina at 623-628-1751 or Saundra at 623-523-7989 (flew here from Arizona to look for Jack).  There is a reward offered.  Even if it is bad news we would like to know where he is.  
Please help, we have driven hundreds of miles in the last few days to find our beloved Jack-a-Roo

FOUND DOG - 6-30

A golden lab or retriever was found in incredible Mo's parking lot as me & my daughter were leaving. He's a big, very friendly, well groomed except for the mud bath he took aparrently. Lol! He favored his hind quarters. He has no tags or collar. Can u please help us find his family? They have to be missing him, just as much as he's missing them. Thank you!


Please help us find our lost cat! Since weekend of June 28. Small tiger stripe. Has four white paws. Her name is Mittens. Resort township in Petoskey231-838-8210


Abandoned Dogs: Two adult male (I) Walker Hounds found on the corner of Luesing / Hyar Rds., in Levering. They were found with food bowls, water bowls, and leashes on the side of the road. 231-348-5550


Abandoned Dogs: Two adult male (I) Walker Hounds found on the corner of Luesing / Hyar Rds., in Levering. They were found with food bowls, water bowls, and leashes on the side of the road. 231-348-5550



Lost: Two St. Bernards! Adult male and female (who is pregnant). Lost on Oakdale off of Rose St in Traverse City. They are both wearing tags. They respond to their names, "Jack" and "Rosie". If you have any information please call 231-715-8009


Please help us find our family dog Willy. He went missing on 6-16-14. Near M-72 and Town Line Rd. in Williamsburg.(Barker Creek)He is a Black and a mix of Minnie Poodle and Shihtzu . If you have any information contact: Toby 232-313-9196                                                                                                   


Please help us find our cat. He has been missing from Traverse City, in town at area of Rose & Carver Streets intersection. May also be in the Town and Country trailer park area off Barlow. He has been missing since June 4. Please call 231-947-2302 or 231-392-6674. Thanks soooo much. We miss him!!! :( Dina